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Hi friends! Following last post, this video adds more to our final campaign! The content of this video covers three main parts: the reason we choose to do this campaign from a diversity perspective, reviewing affordable healthy food choices, and budge cooking with creative recipes.

For additional information with a walkthrough Elijah’a Promise website, check out my partner’s video, right here! To learn more information about getting involved with the organization, welcome to listen to Alex’s sound cast!  Let me know what you think, and we are more than happy to help! And enjoy!  🙂



Exciting news!

Logo image best

Hey there! Welcome back to ExploreDiversity! Hopefully you enjoyed my last video and I am excited to tell you that new project I am currently working on–a collaborative campaign. First of all, let me introduce my three awesome partners: Alex, Ariel, and Taylor. Don’t hesitate to check out their website! Since our sites cover a wide range of topics, including food, weather, music and diversity, we want to raise the audience attention on fighting poverty and feeding the poor through Elijah’s Promise. We are going to make posts on providing all all the information you need to know about the organization, Elijah’s Promise, through podcasting and videos. In addition, we will publish great guest posts by our partners. Stay tuned to ExploreDiversity, Alex, Ariel, and Taylor for updates on our campaign. Don’t forget to checkout Elijah’s Promise’s website to learn more!

Image Credit: guidestar

Audio experience

Hello! Finally after all I got back to my site… Anyways! I am exciting to display my first audio clip to you guys! Overall, I would say that it definitely wasn’t the most fantastic intro audio about my site, but I tried my best to record the audio. As for picking up the background sounds to the audio, I finally picked one on Freemusicarchive after browsing, or listening, to thousands of background musics. This background sound, as you can hear, is called Instar by Robin Allender. I definitely recommend you to this website for more sound tracks or even just for fun! Next, I will go into the actual process of making the audio by using the app called Audacity.

To start, obviously downloading the app according from the Audacity website is necessary.  Just one quick note, make sure you have chosen the right version that matches your laptops. Then, you click on the Audacity icon, it should pop out like following:


Then, you add tracks, select stereo tracks.


After recording your own words, next step is to combine the background music and the recording sound. Here are several main effects that I used to create the audio. Firstly, I used the left bar “minus and plus” icons for adjusting the background music since it is way too loud. Also, I have used the Auto Duck. You could find the Auto Duck by clicking “Effect” on the top, then select Auto Duck. But remember, select the part you want to be ducked first, then click Auto Duck. Second, “Fade in” and “Fade out” buttons. They are always under the Effect menu on the top. They just create a rather smooth sound effect for the background to the intro and the end.

Also, after finishing up and saving the audio track, I upload my audio to Soundtrack first. It was easy to set up as you can choose to link with your Facebook account or Google account. Finally, enjoy the audio! And leave a comment to tell me what you think and your experience!

Header image

As for the first time I experiencing setting up the blog and edit headers, it was quite challenging yet fascinating to some degree.

Starts with editing the header image, from the back stage, you have to access to Dashboard first. Then, from the left side bar, click Appearance, then choose Header. The size for choosing the pictures is a significator for consideration. Also, one of the really helpful free app for editing picture i learned is Pixlr. Through Pixlr, it is possible to transform the picture’s size, colors and so on. Also, you could play around with multiple pictures to make them into one picture by layering up them.
For my header picture, I choose several images that related to my topic “diversity”. Also, one of the really cool thing I thought about my header image is that they changes!!! (I thought it was really really cool :D) Anyways, you could click on my header image, and then you could see different images appear. As for the sources for my header image, they are pretty much all from myself. I love travel, so I always take pictures around while enjoying the beautiful world. Besides, only one of my header image (the hands one)is from SimplyHired.
That’s all for the experience creating header images. I am highly suggest you play around with Pixlr, it is way more easier to manage than photoshop. Additionally, I am planning on post more about my travel experience and more cool pictures that I took in the near future! So get exciting!


It took me more time than you can image to figure out what the first post can be… so, get exciting! Here comes the first lesson: learn to say hello to our international friends!


The following useful information is chose from

1. BONJOUR – French

2. HOLA – Spanish

3. HALLO / GUTEN TAG – German

4. CIAO – Italian

5. OLÀ – Portuguese

6. NAMASTE – Hindi

7. ZDRAS-TVUY-TE – Russian


9. AHN-YOUNG-HA-SE-YO – Korean

10. MERHABA – Turkish

11. SAIN BAINUU- Mongolian

12. MARHABA – Arabic

13. NI HAU 你好 – Mandarin (China)

14. NAY HOH – Cantonese (Yue,Southern China, Hong Kong)

15. HALO – Bahasa Indonesia

Hello in different languages

Please feel free to comment on it! Tell me what you think: are those hard to learn? or you are a genius in learning languages so you feel easy about this 😛